A constructor imports green building metal materials to improve architectural aesthetics in Taiwan.

【新唐人亞太台 2019 年 01 月 30 日訊】As recyclable materials are getting attentive all over the world. Instead of common metal building materials, such as traditional bake-finished coated steel plate and stainless-steel plate, foreign countries have also developed a new material, AL2O3 aluminum alloy, which can be applied to 3D surface modeling and has get EU certification. Therefore, a Taiwan constructor has imported a new material to provide better option for architectural designer.

There is an esthetics trend in Taiwan which is green building materials. A Taiwan constructor adopts AL2O3 aluminum alloy, a green building material, in the construction of factories and office, which have become the new landmark in Pingtung.

According to the data, the global green building materials market is predicted to reach US $255 billion by 2020, growing at an annual Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of Approx. 12%. In European and the United States, the relevant applications of the new materials can be seen in many buildings, such as banks, hotels, stations, factories and public infrastructure in some Asian countries.

The General Manager of the steel company Lin Kun-le said, "Taiwan's architectural aesthetics also has continuous improvement. About AL2O3 aluminum alloy, its biggest feature is being customized by the proprietors according to their needs, such as making the stone texture or the wooden texture, as well as meeting the standards of environmental protection.

In Taiwan, the most common metal building material is the traditional bake-finished coated steel plate, which is used for the commonly seen sheet metal houses; the second most common materials are the stainless-steel plate and AL2O3 aluminum alloy, which costs higher. Due to the substances of the traditional bake-finished coated steel plate and the stainless-steel plate, styling and cutting are limited to a single measure. The service life of the former is approximately less than 10 years, and approximately less than 20 years for the latter; and the color will fade over time. Relatively speaking, the AL2O3 aluminum alloy can be applied to 3D multiple curvature modeling and the weather resistance can stay up to 40 years. Because of their being processed by special optical coating treatment, the colors don't fade easily; and it has passed 11 European Alliance-Certified Seals.

The General Manager of the steel company Lin Kun-le said, "Currently, it's difficult for the manufacturers in Taiwan to achieve the technique, even spending at least 5 or 10 years. (Importing AL2O3 aluminum alloy can improve the architectural aesthetics in Taiwan as well as some requirements of environmental protection technology). Afterwards, it takes the lead for some Taiwan's industries to follow and jointly make our environmental protection materials become better."

The proprietor indicated that, in the production process of aluminum alloy, because each metal has different melting points, there is a certain threshold of stability and related technology. It's hoped that importing the new materials developed by other countries will be beneficial to the architectural design in Taiwan and accelerate the creation of MIT environmental protection building materials.

New Tang Dynasty Television  Dennis Yeh  Jin-Jin Li   reported in Pingtung, Taiwan




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