70-year-old mirror maker makes Taiwan spirit shine

【新唐人亞太台 2018 年 04 月 09 日訊】打理儀容或是交通安全,都少不了鏡子,帶您看到,位於彰化一家有70年歷史的製鏡工廠,從草創期的化妝鏡,到現在結合科技的LED衛浴用鏡,保留傳產特點,融入現代創新,第二代接班人莊進慶,更是成功地將傳統鏡業,推向國際,今天的產業趨勢最前線,帶您來了解。

The mirror is indispensable to dressing up and traffic safety.

In Changhua, a 70-year-old mirror factory blends the features of traditional industries with modern innovations by integrating ordinary makeup mirrors to the high-tech LED bathroom mirrors. Second-generation owner Chuang Chin-Ching has even successfully brought the traditional mirror industry to the international scene. Now, let us explore the latest trend of development of the mirror industry.



Round, rectangular, mirror in different shapes and sizes or with in-laid patterns and different styles, none of them is a challenge. To Chuang Chin-Ching, the second-generation of a 70-year-old mirror factory, the bathroom mirror equipped with a touch LED lamp is the proudest piece.


鏡廠董事長 莊進慶:「目前的趨勢都流行LED,這是一個造型的設計,還有我們的設計要LED,比較要素一點。這是開發用感應的。」

According to Chairman Chuang Chin-Ching, ‘LED is the fashion of everything today. This is a style design, and we want something that looks simpler. This is a model using sensor control.’ He has even added a magnifier for users to see the capillaries on the face clearer.


莊進慶還特別設計一個放大鏡,讓臉上細小毛孔,照的更細膩。回溯1947年,鏡廠才剛成立,初期,以化妝鏡、加工鏡為主,莊進慶從小跟著父親,騎著三輪 車,載著玻璃到處去幫顧客安裝,就連為鏡子磨斜邊、加工造型,都是手工完成,直到莊進慶退伍後,接手父業,讓傳統鏡業,有了轉型契機。

When the factory was established in 1947, makeup mirrors and mirror processing were the main lines of business. As a child, Chuang used to travel with his father in a tricycle and watch old Mr. Chuang installing mirrors at the client’s place. Either the bevel processing or shape processing was handcrafted. It was not until Chuang retired from the military and took over the family business that the traditional industry saw an opportunity for transformation.


鏡廠董事長 莊進慶:「盡量研發市面上比較沒有的東西,跟我們同業有一個區隔,這樣你的單價也比較不會那麼的競爭,那我們都走一些比較中上的,因為現在管理的成本都會增加,人事費會增加,所以你在做低級品,確實很不划算。」

According to Chairman Chuang, ‘We endeavor to develop products that are not found on the market for product segmentation. This way we can avoid price competitions with competitors. We focus on products at medium or higher prices, because both management cost and wages have increased! If we keep making low-price products, it is hard to break even with the cost.’



To mill the edge to the ideal shape and luster, Chuang has imported various types of equipment. Chuang has a pair of sharp eyes which enable him to see the tiny differences in the horizontal line of the bevel or the diamond cut surface, and the curve of an irregular bevel. Patiently, he communicates with employees again and again. Eventually, he has successfully demonstrated the spirit and perseverance of the Taiwanese people through the mirror. This has also enabled Chuang to win a big contract from a century-old UK factory.


鏡廠董事長 莊進慶:「國外客戶,他就當場早上到,跟我們到下午,磨起來不行,一直改一直改,他那個老闆很誇讚我們說,我的精神不錯,說,他在大陸跟他嫌這個東西磨不好,他就不要做了,我們的精神滿好的,一直再改進一直改進,所以說他就把單子下給我們了。」

Chairman Chuang said, ‘That UK client arrived in the morning and stayed with us until the afternoon, milling the edge again and again until he was satisfied. He praised us, “Your attitude convinced me.” According to him, factories in China were annoyed and gave up. As we maintained a good attitude and made continual improvements, he decided to give us the order.’



Besides business, Chuang spares no effort in philanthropy. Currently, he is the deputy governor of the strategic consulting group of District 300-C3 of the Lion Club International. He has also been the president of the Changhua Chang Yin Lions Club. Over the past decade or so, he has never spared any effort in his philanthropy. Chuang also puts this in business and employee leadership.


鏡廠董事長 莊進慶:「有一個愛心的老闆,應該對員工也會比較照顧。然後會更加的努力這樣,還有一次我們捐血活動,禮拜天我們會裡比較沒有人,我還派我們員工去支援, 我說你今天怎麼沒有寫加班費,他說不用啊,那不要,我義務的,讓我聽的很感動,因為他今天不是為了公司去工作的,是為了公益。」

Chairma Chuang said, ‘A philanthropic boss should be nice to his employees, who will then work harder in return. There was a blood donation activity. As it was a Sunday and there were only a few people in the club, I sent my employee there to support the donation. Then I asked, “Have you reported overtime work today?” He said, “Not necessary, boss, it is my responsibility.” I was deeply touched because he did not come to work extra hours. It was all for philanthropy.’



Chuang sets an example himself. This power of deeds motivated employees deeply. When Chuang aggressively engaged in the elaborative transformation of the factory, he was challenged by an industrial interruption crisis.


鏡廠董事長 莊進慶:「以後怕會斷層,因為,我有很多的老員工,他都退休了,我們那個快要70年了嘛,我們一些老的也慢慢在退休,現在新的不進來,你真的怕以後會斷層,所以現在目前我們是,在進行在培育一些,輔助比較資深的幹部。」

Chairman Chuang said, ‘I’m afraid this may lead to the extinction of the mirror industry. Because many old employees have retired. After all, we are a 70-year-old factory. Old employees keep retiring one after another, and no new employees join the business. I am worried that the mirror industry will be extinct one day! Therefore, I began training laymen to assist senior employees.”



Mirror clocks, mirror photo frames, and mirror business card holders, they all are the original designs of Chuang who has given mirrors a story and artistic value. Products are currently distributed to the USA, Japan and Australia. Besides the uniqueness of traditional mirrors, we are also selling the perseverance of Taiwan.



攝影後製:葉錫鴻 陳輝堯

Interviewing and writing: Jin-Jin Li
Filming and post production: Dennis Yeh /Hueiwao Chen